The NAFAA regulations and guidelines project.

One of the major reasons for organizing the NAFAA is to set up an organized effort to gather the regulations from all the major North American cities involving Open Flame performance. These regulations will be compiled into a single set of rules that, if followed exactly, will allow performers to perform legally no matter where they go.

After gathering several cities' codes it was decided that a unified code could not be established. Principally, this was because some locations had directly conflicting codes. So a set of guidelines that addressed what we felt to be the major safety issues on the minds of the fire departments polled were built.

The second phase of the project will be to set up a single set of reasonable guidelines that will address the underlying concerns of the various Fire Departments while restricting performance the least. Once complete, these guidelines will be offered to the various FDs as an alternative to their current rules. Particularly, cities that have unfairly strict or foolhardy rules will be encouraged to change. Fortunately, most cities default to the NFPA 160 guidelines for open flame performance:

PDF 3.0
HTML 3.0

PDF 2.1
HTML 2.1

The annotated 2.1 regs in HTML. Learn the "why" behind the "what" in safety.

NFPA 160 (1998) (html)
NFPA 160 (2006) (realread)
NFPA 160 (2011) (realread)
Current versions or printed materials can be found on the NFPA site.

Regulations from local fire departments should be submitted as fully annotated as possible. Exact policies in e-mail or fax form accepted and an attempt to learn the rational behind them should be made. Once gathered, they should be submitted to the webmaster. Full submissions will be awarded with a link in the regions page.