St Louis


"So far we haven't done any public land performances, just private land stuff, and we haven't been hassled much. We were told that we would need Street Performer permits (25$ per year per person) if we were accepting tips for a performance on public areas, and that in some cases a pyrotechnic permit might be needed. But I'd like to meet with the Marshal to see what is really expected, since we really aren't a 'pyrotechnic' display.

The one time we were hassled a friend of ours was practicing with fire out in the street outside of his house. He was approached by police officers who made him extinguish the toys. They detained him until other officers arrived, and after many hours of deliberation, they issued him a 1000$ citation for 'unlawful release of industrial pollutants'. He took it to court, and it was overturned. In fact, the judge gave him a note to serve as a sort of 'get out of jail free' card to use in case police officers weren't sure if his practice was legal or not. So basically, there are special laws for 'performances', but we are allowed to practice without receiving money on public streets here in St. Louis.

Our safety protocol is pretty good (though as the group grows, its harder to maintain... But thats another issue), and I'm confident that a good inspection would yield us an official 'ok' to perform publicly. "

-Sam of Pandora's Matchbox

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