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I have acquired legal assistance in performing research into fire codes and law for the Kansas City Metro area. Below is what my attorney found. As you will see there are no specific laws regarding fire performance, but you will see everything that could cover such arts is referenced.

Kansas City, Missouri:
Sec. 26-105.6. Required operational permits. The [fire marshal] is authorized to issue operational permits for the operations set forth in Sections 105.6.1 through 105.6.47. 105.6.10 Covered mall buildings. An operational permit is required for:
1. The placement of retail fixtures and displays, concession equipment, displays of highly combustible goods and similar items in the mall.
2. The display of liquid- or gas-fired equipment in the mall.
3. The use of open-flame or flame-producing equipment in the mall.
105.6.31Open burning. An operational permit is required for the kindling or maintaining of an open fire or a fire on any public street, alley, road, or other public or private ground. Instructions and stipulations of the permit shall be adhered to.
Exception: Recreational fires.

105.6.32 Open Flames and candles. An operational permit is required to remove paint with a torch; use a torch or open-flame device in a hazardous fire area; or to use open flames or candles in connection with assembly areas, dining areas of restaurants or drinking establishments.

Sec. 26-307. Open burning.
Sec. 26-307.1. Bonfire; Rubbish burning.
(1) It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, partnership, association, organization or governmental agency, properly regulated by the City to burn or cause to be burned any bonfire, nor shall any such person or entity dispose of rubbish by open burning, or cause, allow or permit open burning of rubbish.
(2) Exceptions to Subsection (1) of this section above:
a. Permissible if a permit has been issued pursuant to section 105 section 8-4 of the Code of Ordinances.
b. Warming barrels shall be permitted during daylight at a construction or demolition site, provided each sit shall be limited to two barrels, not exceed 55 gallons, and further provided that no warming barrel shall be used when the local temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above. Material which emits excessive smoke or noxious fumes is prohibited from use in warming barrels.
c. Fires used for recreational purposes, or fires used for the noncommercial preparation of food such as a barbecuing, shall be in accordance with section 26-307
d. Fires used for training if granted joint approval of the Chief and the Director of Health.
e. The Fire Chief may prohibit issuance of any or all burning permits, or suspend previously issued permits, when atmospheric conditions or circumstances may render such fires hazardous.

3rd Degree Burn

[Editors note: 105.6.32 Open Flames and candles sounds an awful lot like the NFPA 160 Group I codes; probably a derivative. Sounds like you simply need to secure a free permit in either case.]

You could also check the surrounding areas.

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