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There are no specific state wide laws or regulations on the books in regards to fire performances. To confirm this, I asked Jennifer Mieth of the state Department of Fire Services, who in turn asked her experts about "fire eating and other theatrical uses of fire". Here is their response:

"There are no specific written requirements for anything like this, besides the requirements for open air fires (outside burning) or open flame devices (candles). However, the local fire chief would be well within his responsibilities to require that the act must obtain a permit from the fire department (under MGL 148 Section 28 - condition that could cause or contribute to the spread of fire). Under this fire department permit, the chief could issue conditions and/or restrictions."

Additionally MGL Chapter 48 and 148 have additional regulations regarding fire issues in the state, and are good reading if you get into trouble.

I guess the best advice would be for you to see your local fire chief to ask (1) if the local chief is requiring a permit, and (2) if they are requiring a permit, what are the conditions for the permit.

-Steven Santos
11 May 05

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