Like most cities, the SF-Oakland area is fairly complex. Please make sure you KNOW in what city you intend to perform before looking for that city's codes.

Licensing and regulations


The state of California adhears to the Uniform Fire Code which has two relevant passages.
  • Any open flame act must be permitted by the local Fire Marshal before attempting in front of an audience.
  • And, so long as the act is reasonably safe, a permit should be granted by the relevant Marshal.
Strict procedures are in place for explosive powder (blanks, igniters, fireworks) and require licensing though the State Fire Marshal's office.
  • San Francisco (city) - coded open flame regulations:
    • Provide the Fire Department with a plot plan illustrating the performance area (including the 4 walls, ceiling and floor)
    • Provide the Fire Department with a plot plan illustrating the location of the fire performer, safety perimeter line, and the audience
    • Provide proof of Insurance (1 Million dollars) each time you apply for a fire permit
    • The insurance form also needs to list the City and County of San Francisco and it's employees as additional insured.
    • Complete the permit application form and render permit fee at 698 2nd Street, cross street Townsend Street. (Hours: M-F: 8 - 11 am, 1 - 5 pm )
    • Have your fire tools inspected (in person) by the Fire Department
    • Pay $165 to acquire your permit
    • Provide information regarding event location, date, time; type of fire devices, fuel (containment, storage, transport), and safety details.

    You could also check the surrounding areas.

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