Ohio has regulations as it pertains to the use flame effects before an Audience. The standard is set out in NFPA 160. If the flame effects uses pyrotechnics then you will need a pyrotechnics exhibitors license (fireworks). If the flame effects use any other fuel besides pyrotechnics, then you will need to have a flame effect exhibitor license.

You should review (ii) 3320.3.1.2 Flame effects exhibitor; (L) Section 3312 Flame effects permit; of the 1301:7-7-33 Explosives and fireworks (Administration code)

Regulation of this activity comes under Explosives and Pyrotechnics by law.

Remember that the permit is issued by the Fire District ( Fire Department) where the Flame Effects before an audience takes place.

Dave Schroeder

Technically, this applies to all open flame, and the line is fuzzy enough that it may apply to people lighting cigarettes inside their own homes. However, it should be noted that, primarily, only the local fire department will be enforcing these rules. Your local fire marshal may only require a local permit, not the state flame effects license.

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