Material Data Safety Sheets.

Whenever fuels are to be stored, you should have an MSDS nearby. Here are the MSDS for some of the common fuels that fire performers use. If you do not use one of these fuels, please look up your specific fuel. All MSDS are in PDF format:
70% Ethanol (140 proof)
70% Isopropyl Alcohol
White Gas/Coleman Fuel
Zippo Fluid
Lamp Oil/paraffin
Some forms of Kevlar contain:

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Flame Heat trials.

Fire Marshal Checklist (AFA)

Permit Application (AFA)

Myth Busters.

Most fire performers hear a lot of stories from other performers. Much of the information is true, probable or scientifically verifiable. Unfortunately, a great load of it is pure bunk, and volunteers from NAFAA can help you find out which is which.

Take a look at Myth Busters and Fuel Info on our Wiki.

FSO power point show

Preview or run the Power Point presentation used to educate Southern CA fire marshals in handling fire performers.

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