NFPA 160 CPT 14

For those that skim: in our last letter we mentioned a draft of the NAFAA 3 regs that were to be massaged into the NFPA 160 codes.  You may download the final version here:
And reply to this email with comments.

The whole story.
For a long time now, we’ve been looking to help legitimize fire performance. After many good stabs at it, council decided that by changing the laws, our way, not by letting them legislate them to us, was the preferred and possibly only method.  The NAFAA 2 codes were written to more easily fit into law books and one by one we started submiting them.  Many places agreed and either made them policy or wove them in with some kind of law.  But the grand-daddy of fire codes was still in the dark ages.  The NFPA had no real codes to handle fire performers despite the 160 codes specifically applying to them.

Last year we were approached to participated in the committee that writes the 160 codes.  Time was short, but it was decided that 3 options existed.  First, we could let them write new codes.  This was generally viewed as the worst case scenario, as it strongly resembled the source of most of our problems now.  Next was to post a link to the NAFAA 3.0 codes and let them reference the material.  However, since referencing outside materials has no teeth, it was generally believed that this would be almost as good as doing nothing.  Finally, the option of taking the 3.0 codes and altering them to meet the NFPA writing and legal standards, and inserting them into their own chapter seemed the best way to handle things.

We still intend to give the NAFAA members a voice.  So, we’ve posted the final draft to our website for final review by you.  I know it’s not as readable and the language is a little more harsh, but many of those changes are necessary to fit in the NFPA stadards.  Let us know if you see anything missing, incomplete, badly worded,  or worth removal.  Better yet, when this draft appears on the NFPA site, make your comments there to be fully official.  Deadline is May 1st

And let us know how you feel about this draft being law in most jurisdictions.

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